WebSignals Collects Data From How Many Sources?

WebSignals collects data from multiple online sources (approx. 122 million) through regional and giant aggregators. Not only do we gather data from leading social media platforms, but also we monitor Forums, News, and YouTube.

Here's a list of our primary sources (from left to right):

1. Twitter

2. Web (includes Pinterest, blogs and other websites)

3. Facebook

4. Video (includes YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

5. Quora

6. Reddit

7. Forums (almost every forum other than Quora & Reddit)

8. Instagram

9. News (includes BBC, CNN, CNBC, etc.)

10. Podcast

11. TV

12. Radio

13. LinkedIn

14. Low-quality Web (posts on low-quality websites with low authority)

Put simply, WebSignals collects data from the entire web.