How to Delete or Disable A Keyword?

WebSignals allows you to either delete a keyword or disable it. Click on ‘+’ next to the project name where you have added the keyword that you wish to delete or disable.

To disable a keyword, turn 'off' the switch button and click on 'Save'.

IMPORTANT. Once you disable a keyword, WebSignals stops collecting mentions for it and you replace it with a new keyword. You can enable the now-disabled keyword anytime you want, but your quota will be utilized to collect its mentions.

To delete a keyword, click on the 'bin' icon next to the switch button. A message will pop-up asking for your confirmation 'Are you sure you want to delete the keyword?'. Select 'Ok' and the keyword will be deleted. Click on 'Save' to submit your changes.

Note: After you delete or disable a keyword, your mention quota will NOT restore. WebSignals monitors millions of sources and utilizes its multiple resources to collect mentions for your entered keywords; therefore, they get deducted from your mention quota. After providing you with the mention data, you have complete freedom to handle it as per your requirements, this includes deleting, spamming, etc.