How to Use the Reporting Dashboard?

On the main dashboard, click on the analytics icon next to your keyword to access the reporting dashboard.

Note: Analytics is not visible for disabled keywords.

Selecting the Date Range

Click on the date range below the Send Invite option.

By default, the date range will be from the day you’ve added the keyword to today. You can change the date range as per your needs.

Selecting Your Project & Keywords

On the left of the date range, you can specify the Project and Keywords.

First, select the Project, and then the Keyword for which you want to check the Mention Stats. You have the option to choose the keywords individually and all at once (by default).

Analyzing the Mention Stats

Once you specify the keyword, you can start analyzing the stats. By default, all the sources are selected. If you wish to analyze the stats for just one source, click on that particular source.

Analyzing the Sentiment Summary

Below Mention Stats, you can go through the sentiment summary of your mentions for the specified keyword.

Discovering the Influencers

Potential influencers for your specified keywords are listed below Sentiment Summary. These include the major platforms with most influencers, such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Web & News.

You can select the influencers based on the mention count and the total number of followers. 

Click here to watch the video tutorial.