Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends 2023: Expert Predictions

When the pandemic hit the world, all businesses were halted except for those with a proper social media strategy. During such tough times, social media saved businesses from shutting down. Besides, many small businesses and entrepreneurs rose with the help of social media.

In simple language, 2020 released the actual potential of social media, and as per the current scenario, it’s not going to stop. This platform can make your brand famous or shut it down with just one influencing tweet. 

But we are not here to talk about the power of social media apps. Instead, we are here to introduce the current social media trends that can help your brand reach new heights in 2023.

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As digital marketers and social media managers are always searching for new and latest social media trends to strategize their marketing plans, this article will help them create marketing strategies for upcoming months. 

Upcoming Social Media Marketing Trends 2023

It is important to remain prepared for the upcoming social media year to keep up with the competition. This list will cover up all recent trends in social media that will help you devise campaigns accordingly.

1. Bite-Sized Content For Hungry Minds

Bite-sized content is becoming more and more popular amongst youngsters. It is one of those new trends in social media that is garnering attention everywhere. 

Gone are the days when people used to sit and read the whole newspaper in one go. Nowadays, people want maximum content in fewer words.

a cake with the word 'CONTENT' written on the bottom and a cut piece with a fork beside it, labeled 'Bite-Sized Content'

People want to know what’s happening worldwide, but within 30 seconds or less. Based on these demands, several newspaper channels started online apps where they provide headlines that cover news and social media trends today, within 20-30 words.

The best example would be Google news, which only shows headlines of trending topics on social media today, within 20 words. If the user is interested, they can click on the link and read the whole article.

Apart from that, story–based content is also becoming one of the new trends in social media. Similar to Snapchat stories, certain news-based websites provide content in story format.

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The saying, “less is more,” is becoming more of a reality now. So, if you want to grasp your reader’s attention, you must do so within the first 30 words. 

Develop a solid hook line that will generate curiosity in the reader and force them to read the whole article.

2. Influencer Marketing For Spreading The Word

Influencers are the superstars of social media. And if you want to excel in social media marketing, then you need to invest in them. 

Influencers are the inventors of all recent trends in social media, and with their help, you can excel in social media marketing.

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But, it’s well-known that influencers with a high number of followers charge more, and if your budget is less, then it will create hurdles. 

In such cases, it’s better to look for micro and nano influencers in the same field but with fewer followers.

Why? Because these influencers have higher conversion rates as compared to popular ones. With the help of WebSignals social media influencer research you can find such gems within seconds.

You just have to enter the target keyword for the marketing campaign in the tool. It can be your brand’s name or niche-related keyword. The tool will then provide a list of influencers talking about the same. 

The best thing about this feature is that you can find influencers on all social media apps. It also shows their follower count, a basic page description, the number of posts with the target keyword, and social media handles to connect with them easily.

Based on the above data, you can create proper marketing campaigns, reach out to them, and gain organic leads. Always aim for influencers that can bring organic traffic to your brand.

3. Conversational Ad Campaigns For Humans

As per new trends in social media, people are looking for content and ad campaigns that are relatable. You cannot simply create an ad for the sake of creating. It must be relatable so people can connect with it and notice the brand.

For example, Dove recently created a new ad campaign encouraging women from everywhere to participate. Based on their inputs, the ad was generated, which was highly appreciated worldwide.

a billboard showing an advertisement for Dove with 7 women models posing and the text ‘Dove We see beauty all around us’ written on it

A personal human touch is important to make the marketing campaign viral. People want to see cases of real human beings and not actors jumping out of an aircraft for a soft drink. 

The ad can be a simple video, newspaper print, poster, or anything else. But, if it can connect with people, the ad will definitely go viral.

Focus on creating ads and campaigns that showcase a glimpse of our everyday lives. It will help people realize that even they face the same issue, and this product can help them overcome it easily.

4. Video-based Content All The Way

When TikTok entered the world of social media, everyone started going there. Entertainment videos in just 10 seconds?! Who wouldn’t want to open a TikTok account? 

It provided a platform for many creators and even gave birth to the famous influencers of today. Slowly, TikTok started becoming the birthplace of many current social media trends.

video player screen on mobile device with orange background and media icons

But TikTok also saw a change in content dynamics. People started using it to provide knowledgeable content, like trending books, movies, POV scripts, brand reviews, and much more. 

As all the youngsters were in TikTok, it gave brands an idea of how to increase their customer base with the app’s help.

Currently, Instagram and YouTube also have “Reels” and “Shorts,” similar to TikTok and have gained popularity in most countries. 

As per the current scenario, we can say that video-based content will stay for a long time. And if you want to promote your brand, you need to dip your toes in the pool of Reels, TikTok, and Shorts.

Brands can create voiceover reels, collaborate with actors and influencers for video-based promotion, or even showcase their employees in the video. The last option will be more viral as it would showcase brand transparency, which is quite popular amongst customers. 

5. Social Media: The Virtual Mall

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners found solace in social media during the pandemic. Basically, these businesses made social media their shops, which slowly became one of the recent social media trends today.

Whether you want second-hand books, dresses, or jewelry, Instagram and TikTok have tons of stores for the same.

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Besides, customers find these stores more reliable than Amazon and other eCommerce sites, as there’s direct contact with the authorized person and proper video-based reviews are shared as well.

Many brands are now including their website links on social media handles so that people can directly buy from their websites instead of going through third-party sites. It helps them profit more from website-based sales and increases organic traffic.

Instead of promoting your brand on Amazon and other eCommerce websites and hoping that people will notice, it’s better to strategize social media promotion. 

You can easily create a business account on Instagram and start developing content that is relevant to your brand and brings good engagement. 

Once you have achieved the milestone, customers will automatically start visiting your website. You can also provide special discount coupons for website-based purchases for more engagement. 

Make social media your best friend, so users will only buy from your website and not depend on other eCommerce sites.

6. Sustainability For The Planet 

People are becoming more environmentally conscious after the pandemic came into view. Customers are looking for brands developing products that do not cause any harm to nature and animals.

a man holding the small representation of earth with his two hands

Cruelty-free, Vegan, and Paraben-free are the trending topics on social media today that are going on all around the world. People want more sustainable products that will not harm the environment. 

Due to this, most customers stopped using products that were made with chemicals or from brands that do not follow proper disposal techniques and have industries that do more harm than the conservation of nature.

It’s important for brands to be not only people-friendly but also planet-friendly. But how to showcase that your brand is against the degradation of nature? Through proper social media marketing. 

Creating campaigns that are conversational, shows that you are indeed conscious about nature and will attract more customers.

For example, IKEA’s ‘“climate action starts at home” ad shows how people can decrease their carbon footprint by adopting nature-friendly options. It showcases IKEA’s products but with a twist. Like the shower head with water flow control, clothes drying stand, and much more.

a visual illustration of a blue and yellow coloured building with ‘IKEA’ written on it and surrounded by trees and plants

The ad not only attracted customers but also made them realize how such options are more environmentally friendly and don’t use any kind of non-renewable energy. 

Many Global brands are shifting towards sustainability by making changes in their product supply chain. 

Making recyclable packaging, providing sustainable bags with quotes like, “There’s no Planet B,” and much more. It not only promotes the brand’s vision but also increases the number of customers.

7. Virtual World Shadowing Reality 

Artificial intelligence is one of those social media marketing trends of 2023 that is slowly taking over the world. From smartphones to farming fields, AI has found its application everywhere. 

But how can AI help you in brand promotion? AI can help you gain more customers with less effort.

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You can create product-related filters for Instagram and TikTok with the help of AR and then let customers use them.

As people start noticing the filters, the engagement rate will increase, and so will the traffic on your social media page and brand website. 

Besides, you can also take the help of VR to attract target-specific customers. People are taking more interest in the virtual world, and it would be a great opportunity for brands to make their name in the upcoming Metaverse.

You can collaborate with gaming companies and provide discounts to certain gamers based on the number of references they bring and much more. 

The opportunities from AI combined with social media marketing are endless. You just need to figure out how to use the technology to your advantage.

8. Being Present All Over The Internet 

It’s important to make your presence visible in the social media world. You cannot simply create an account on Facebook and forget about Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You need to be everywhere to make your brand reach its target audience.

a visual representation of a mobile, background with icons of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Every social media app has a specific type of audience, due to which you need to create ad content that is different and appeals to the target audience of the said app. 

For example, you cannot copy the ad content from your LinkedIn brand page and paste it on your Instagram feed. That’s because the content generated on LinkedIn focuses on professionals, brand founders, owners, CEOs, and young entrepreneurs. 

On the other hand, Instagram is an entertainment-based platform where influencers rule the app.

So, the content for both apps should be different but have the same aim: bringing organic traffic to your website. Besides, being present on all major social media platforms makes it easier for users to explore the brand on different levels.

WebSignals is one of the best social media listening tools that can help you handle all your social media in one place. You can discover people talking about your brand or product and connect with them on a personal level. 

It works as a personal email inbox for all your social media handles. You can reply to users, clear their doubts, and handle their requests as well.

Moreover, you can also use our social media monitoring tool to understand your competitor’s target market. 

For example, you can enter the target keyword that your competitors use or simply enter the competitor’s name and let WebSignals discover the total number of mentions.

Once the page appears, discover all the mentions that have “negative” sentiments mentioned under them. You can directly contact these users and gain leads from them. 

Pitch them for your products or services and help them throughout the process. It will also help you gain a valuable customer base and spread wings in “word of mouth” marketing. 

9. Podcasts: The New-age Radio

Do you remember when Clubhouse first entered the social media market? People became crazy over it, and suddenly everyone was in the Clubhouse.

But, after some time, the trend slowly died. Clubhouse did have some loopholes, due to which people started switching to other options.

a gray background with a mobile displaying Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat and earphones

However, Clubhouse did give birth to audio-based content that is currently one of the most famous trends on social media today: Podcasts.

People love listening to Podcasts as they cover all topics and recent trends in social media without the need to watch a video. You can simply plug in your earphones and listen to the latest news or latest social media trends while doing daily chores.

But how can brands make their presence known in audio-based content? By collaborating with famous podcasters and promoting your brand over their channel. 

It is highly likely for the podcast to go viral if the CEO or Founder of the company attends the podcast.

That’s because people love to listen to brand stories, founder stories, what hurdles they faced, and similar things. It not only increases traffic rate but also promotes your brand without much effort.

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In simple words, podcasts are the radio for the upcoming generation. Instead of listening to songs or ads in between, one can hear the whole interview without any interference. So, make sure to make your presence in the audio industry as well.

10. Personalization For Better Connections

If you think that you can get away by providing generic services or products to all your customers, then your marketing strategy might not work for long. 

In the current situation, everyone is looking for personalized mentions. Personalization is one of the hottest trends on social media today. Customers want the brands to connect with them on a personal level. 

Though it might seem impossible, the least you can do is send a personalized newsletter to your regular customers once in a while with some coupons. Even if these customers were thinking of unsubscribing, the customized mail might change their minds.

a jade background with an equipment and PERSONALIZATION written on it

Besides, if you are a service-provider company, like providing digital marketing or finance-related services, then make sure that you have customized subscription plans as well. Doing so gives your customers the option to customize the plans as per their needs.

Another way to promote customized social media marketing is by creating specific types of content for audiences with similar needs. 

For example, you have 500 customers who want to know more about SEO tools and their functions, so you can create an advertisement stating how your SEO tool can perform in different places and its benefits.

On the other hand, let’s say there are around 500 customers who are looking for a competitive analysis tool. For these customers, you need to create an ad stating that your tool performs the best competitive analysis based on certain parameters.

In both cases, the customers’ requirements are different, but the solution is present in your tool. Due to this, you need to create ads that are specific to a bunch of similar customers.

WebSignals: One-stop For All Social Media Monitoring

an orange and white background with a tablet and Websignals Be the first one to know who's talking about you written on it

While dealing with social media marketing trends 2023, you need to have a proper brand monitoring tool. WebSignals is a social monitoring tool. It helps you understand how well you are doing on social media platforms. Besides, it helps you perform competitive analysis to understand how your competitors are performing on certain apps and if there are any gaps that you can fulfill.

With the insights from the tool, you can strategize plans for upcoming months and function accordingly. Devise new marketing campaigns, reach out to potential customers, get hold of good influencers, and answer user questions directly. 


man using a laptop with 'Social Media Marketing SMM' written on a dark blue background with social media icons

Social media marketing will stay for a long time, and digital marketers need to put in a lot of effort to make it work. 

With the current social media trends coming in waves, marketing teams must buckle up and devise content in similar fields to gain proper engagement. 

To get maximum reach and visibility, brands must be present on social media. Not only that, even the founders and CEOs need to be present in the digital world to validate their brand’s mission and vision. 

Social media is one of the strongest platforms where marketing teams can play their game. With proper strategies and competitive analysis, brands can make their presence known to the digital world.

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